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Arye Leybovich & Co. Law Offices has established itself as one of the prominent and leading law firms in Israel representing clients in the field of taxation and cross-border investments, and is one of the only firms in Israel with a specialty in the practice of trusts and estates and asset management for private clients. The concentration of knowledge and professional skill of the firm's attorneys in this area of expertise, both from a general law perspective and from a tax perspective, is unique among Israeli law firms.



Encyclopedia of Value Added Tax - Part 1+2
Trusts and Trust Taxation

The book, Value Added Tax, is an unparalleled broad and comprehensive four-volume work, spanning together almost 4,000 pages (before indices have been prepared). The book provides an in-depth review and discussion of all the provisions of the Value Added Tax Law in order from the section on definitions to the last section of the law. The regulations, explanatory notes (the instructions of the Customs and VAT Authority) and thousands of court rulings and articles are cited and quoted throughout the book.

The book, Trusts and Trusts Taxation is the first of its kind, and is almost the only book of its kind to examine the taxation arrangements in the area of trusts which were inserted into the Income Tax Ordinance in Amendment No. 147 to the Ordinance, including the effects and use of such arrangements for tax planning and other purposes.

This is in addition to a comprehensive review of foreign law in various countries and Israeli law from a general law perspective.

Tax Treaties – 111 Tables of Israel's Tax Conventions
Practical Guide to Drawing up an Agreement / Contract

This book, Tax Treaties – 111 Tables of Israel's Tax Conventions, is the practical initiative of Dr. Leybovich to aid professionals upon examining international tax aspects.

The book Practical Guide to Drawing up an Agreement / Contract is a practical guide for preparing an agreement / contract. It is a book that is entirely a practice and is intended primarily for lawyers and businessmen who deal with commercial negotiations. Unlike the books of Dr. Aryeh Leibowitz, the book is not encyclopedic and it deals with practice only !! The book discusses the various sections required for founders' agreements, investment agreements and partnership agreements. The book explains the ways to defend oneself from hostile takeover and enumerates the logic and logic behind each article and legal clause in the contract, alongside examples of these items. The book also lists "negligents" familiar in contracts and things that lawyers and businessmen do not pay attention to. The book is one of the best-selling legal books and has already been released in a third edition.

Stamp Duty Law
Encyclopedia of Tax Treaties (Vol. II)

The book, Stamp Duty, is one of a kind. In effect, it is the first time the Stamp Duty Law is examined in a thorough and in-depth manner. The book includes a comprehensive discussion of the principles of the law and methods of interpretation, alongside a more detailed discussion of the provisions of the law and the regulations promulgated thereunder. The book encompasses the statements of all noted scholars, articles and case law published in the matter, together with a comparison to various cases in foreign case law.

The book Encyclopedia of Tax Treaties (Vol. II) is a comprehensive book, and includes a particularly extensive and in-depth discussion of the taxation arrangements in the tax treaties. The book provides a comparative and all-inclusive study of the provisions of the treaty, including an in-depth discussion of the explanatory notes on the various international model treaties (OECD, UN, USA), a broad discussion and review of foreign case law on the provisions of the tax treaties, OECD expert reports, professional circulars of the Israeli tax authority, the incorporation of the provisions of the tax treaties in Israeli tax law and the rules of interpretation in Israel and worldwide.

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